The Sun Cancer Foundation is dedicated to educating the community including children, their families and individuals about how to safely have fun in the sun, the dangers of melanoma skin cancer and raising funds for research to find a cure.


The Sun Can Fund is focused on creating and implementing educational programs for children and their families beginning as early as preschool and lasting a lifetime. These sun education programs will provide schools with critical information about the benefits sun exposure, the dangers of sun burns, the importance of skin protection, and how to continue to safely have fun in the sun.

Outside of the school system, we support melanoma research and fundraising initiatives in South Florida and across the United States.

How Can You Help?

Your generous donation will help further fund our mission to protect and educate our children and loved ones from Melanoma Skin Cancer. The Sun Can Fund will dedicate a portion of the proceeds to the University of Sylvester Comprehensive (Melanoma) Cancer Center, The University of Miami Health System in order to further research for a cure for Melanoma. The Sun Can Fund is committed to monitoring the research taking place at Sylvester and updating our donors on their progress.  

Join our board

Become a board member of the Sun Can fund and help brainstorm with our team ways in which we can grow, raise funds and educate our community. You can also volunteer and join a school visit with our education team to see first hand the impact of our organization and mission.

Spread the word

Tell your friends, family and coworkers about us, what we do, and how you can protect yourself and loved ones.


Carol Trueba Abrams, Co- Founder of the Sun Can Fund was born in Miami, Florida. She was an elementary school teacher for the gifted program (grades K-5) for 35 years. Carol brings a wealth of early childhood educational experience. Personally, she is a double melanoma survivor, sadly she lost her sister, brother, and father to melanoma. Her mission is clear – to educate her loved ones and little ones on how to prevent and protect their skin.

Jenna Trueba Cerenko, Co-Founder of the Sun Can Fund was born in Miami. She has worked in marketing for over 15 years, including the non-profit sector of fundraising, event planning, and in public relations. Seeing her loved ones, especially her mother impacted by Melanoma Skin Cancer has inspired her to launch the Sun Can fund. Jenna is married with two small children and has taught them how to safely have fun in the sun.


We are working on our 501c3 status but that does not stop our mission or you becoming involved. We are looking for volunteers in the community who would like to help support our mission. If you are interested in becoming involved by joining our board, committee or even as an intern, let us know! The Sun Can Fund is actively looking for partners in the following industries: sunscreen, sun hats, sun shirts and umbrellas to provide families in need with proper sun protection.

Let’s connect

We would like to meet you and hear your story, let’s set up a time to connect and see how you can help the Sun Can fund!

Published by Sun Can Fund

The Sun Can Fund is a non-profit dedicated to educating children, families and individuals about melanoma skin cancer and raising funds for research to find a cure.

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